March 14, 2017

network_cablingTechnically speaking a C-Class IP is an IP address with the first part / octet is from 192 to 223.So if an IP address starts as 192.b.c.d to 223.b.c.d, it means it is a C-Class IP.

The primary focus of creating a website is to advertise your product or services and attracting traffic to your site. This being the basic focal point, then proper measures ahs to be taken to increase traffic and that can be done by SEO hosting. The search engines work on a more secretive concept of algorithm that picks up the best websites depending on their ranking. So the most tested and result proven method is to place each website on a different IP address and to be more particular to place the websites on a different C-class IP hosting address.

Hosting your site on a different C-class IP will prevent your site from getting listed as a spam or illegitimate site and will also ensure that you get a good ranking for your website in search engines.



CRUCIAL MX100 Product Review

December 14, 2016

crucial-mx100-02Crucial’s Solid state drives (SSDs) access the data almost instantly and are way faster and extremely reliable than the traditional hard drives. The NAND flash memory within Crucial SSDs allows you to boot up systems in seconds and also allows to load, save, and transfer files in fraction of a second as soon as click on it. With MX100 which is Crucial’s new mainstream drive, it is aiming even lower in terms of price per gigabyte by utilizing Micron’s state of the art 16nm 128 Gbit MLC NAND.

The CRUCIAL MX100 builds on the same architecture as the M500 series. The only underlying difference is the NAND inside as the controller is the same Marvell 88SS9189 silicon as found inside the M550. The 9189 is a minor upgrade over the 9187 and what it does is provide better support for DevSLP along with some bandwidth optimizations.

MX100 will only be available in limited capacities of up to 512 GB so this may not be the best option for those looking for large drives.


December 13, 2016

pacific-outdoors-disc-golf-goal__51-dntjv-lDisc golf is a game that had evolved sometime after 1926. This game is played like a golf game. Instead of the ball used in golf this game is played using a disc. The aim is to put the flying disc into the disk basket. Unlike in golf, where you play with a bat, you use your hand and throw the Frisbee into the Disc Pole hole. A disc Pole hole is otherwise called as Disc golf basket.

The game ends when the disc is put into the basket and the person with less consecutive times of throwing a disc is the winner. The disc basket made up of a chain holder. There are many types in it. It is portable. So you can take the basket along when you play the game. After the game was legalized standard sizes were set for the baskets.  These baskets can be used in the backyard also to play the game.


Captive nutthreaded inserts

December 2, 2016

Captive nut is a type of threaded insert. Captive nut is a used to press into holes or is used to join or mould materials together. In both the cases, the inserted part is knurled or threaded to easy to use inserts ensure that it sits tight on the material and fastens the insert properly. They provide a tight grip around the soft metal hole. There are other types of captive nuts which are not exactly categorised as threaded nuts.

How To Create A Website Using WordPress And Integrate Your Media

January 27, 2016

The ease of WordPress – https://beep.name/ is that it allows you to integrate all the social media together. If you love to blog and want your blog to be visible on all mediums at once, then this is a good way of posting instead of logging into each and every media. You can also add audio and video to each post to make the page more interactive. When you create a website using WordPress, you have a very powerful tool of evolving a blogging medium in to a social medium. Social media changed the way people share information online. Social media is an opportunity to present the articles before millions of people around the world. If you want your blog to reach large number of people, you need to build up your social media presence. With social media plugins available online, you can share and integrate all the post and information under one platform.

Two Best Short Term Investments

July 13, 2015

dollar-money-treeThere are many brilliant ways to earn a bit of money with investments, but today I’m going to tell you more about two best short term investments options that you can use to quickly boost your income.

First one is certificates of deposit. A certificate of deposit is a note that your money is locked in a bank for a certain period of time which you can’t take out. You can hold it there for a month or even up to ten years. For that, bank will pay you more interest on your savings.

I-bonds is our second choice. They can be bought from US treasury and is a great way to lend money to US government. This means your investment will grow as the inflation goes over time. Great thing is that you can access your money early, but you need to pay a little fee for that. A married couple can invest up to $20k worth of I-bonds in a year.

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Estate agents Wigwam of Leamington Spa have very happy clients

April 14, 2015

How to get happy clients? Ask Wigwam estate agents and they will tell you as they seem to have a whole bunch of happy clients.

It is not just enough to be a well-established estate agent in town, but one also has to be very professional. Each individual in an office has to be professional and good at communicating and forming good relationships with the client for the clients to be happy and maintain the loyalty and come back to you again and again. The staff at Wigwam always get good feedback from their clients and also give gifts to show their high level of happiness and satisfaction. Click here to learn more leamington spa estate agents.

What does Wigwam do? When a house owner decided to sell his house after renting it for several years, he puts it up for sale but decided after some time to refurbish it so that the house will be in a better place to sell. Wigwam was not only happy to help but they got the house owner in touch with all the tradesmen needed to do the job and also supervised the work throughout. What helps to keep the client happy is going above and beyond their call of duty and being polite and helpful always.

Engineered Hardwood Floors Are Easier And Cheaper To Install , Says An Expert

April 13, 2015

Many people go for engineered hardwood flooring as it is fairly cheaper than traditional hardwood flooring, has the same look and is more stable and durable. For best engineered wood flooring visit wood2u.co.uk

These floors are also much easier to install and homeowners who are used to DIY work even install their own floors. There is a plethora of information available on the internet on how to do a neat job of installing these floors. Especially the thinner ones with tongue and groove are quite easy. It is a major job with financial implications, so some websites say not to over-do and leave it to the professionals.

Even if you give the job to a flooring contractor, you will still save a fortune. Depending on the quality you choose, like thicker veneer or quality substrate, the wood is going to be expensive, the installation though is cheap and so it can offset the price of the traditional wood flooring.